Welcome to Reach The Masses
to bring Honor and Respect and Truth

Forgiveness frees us not our captures.

Take time to pray for our 1st Nation Brothers and Sisters for 500 years of wrongs.


American Indian Christian Circle Central Florida and others

American Indian Christian Circle of Thonotosassa FL

Watch Dock Green Silverhawk invite you to our circle click this link to watch https://youtu.be/E_gL6TFdl5Q

Our House Drum is Sacred Thunder Drum 

American Indian Christian Circle of Lake County FL

Click this link for website https://aicclc.webs.com/

Share the message of God’s grace and salvation with people of all colors and nations.

Offer a form of worship that is unique to Native people.

Preserve the traditions of the Native people of the Americas.

Bridge the spiritual tradition of the Native American and the Anglo worship of Christ.

This is an American Indian Christian Circle that worships the Creator not creation.

Pan-O-Kee Tribe of Central Florida

Chief Red Eagle and our website. https://panokeetribe.wixsite.com/snaft

If you would like to be a member of our tribe contact Chief Red Eagle by phone is located on 2nd page of website bottom of our Sept. Pow Wow

Prayers Requested for 1st Nation


Many prophecys have been spoken for the 1st Nation People. 2017 saw 500 tribes unite for  a main cause and healing took place. Prayer for this to continue as the creator desires

Forgiveness and Healing

When we forgive we find healing for ourselves from roots of bitterness. Pray for this to come with all the tribes. 


All Racism removed and love our neighbor

The Natives and Whites both have issues in this area. My Prayer is we see the hearts of those we need to love as our Creator instructed.... love our neighbor as ourselves.


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We would love your prayers and ideas for history and purpose for our 1st Nation Brothers and Sisters related to healing and Christ. Please no negative 

Reach The Masses for 1st Nation

Lakeland, FL 33809, US